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Since the start of commercial salmon farming, one of the challenges has been to get a consistent high growth rate (TGC) without having to compromise the feed conversion rate (FCR). As an example the average TGC for the last 10 years, in the Faroe Islands, has been just above 3.0. The variation can be as much as 2.5-3.5.   The salmon farmers have spent a lot of money and time on equipment to get more consistent TGC. Among the equipment is underwater cameras, using people to watch live...

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Bergur Andreasen

Bergur Andreasen

Hvitanes, Faroe Islands

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Bio FaroeSea started in 2011 as a producer of sub sea cameras for the Salmon industry. Since its start the development has been ongoing, and now it is a company with multiple products, with a special focus on growth rate and feed conversion rate of salmon.

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