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PigWei brings the values of high tech companies to livestock industry. Animal welfare and sustainability are our main drivers, and this is now possible thanks to new technological developments. PigWei enable decision-makers to obtain objective information of animal growth and status with minimal animal stress, investment and workload. PigWei is a smartcamera connected to cloud services that enables to measure animal and pen features. All information is gathered in a single app that...

Ivan Amat-Roldan
by Ivan Amat-Roldan
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Ivan Amat-Roldan

Ivan Amat-Roldan

Barcelona, Spain

Joined this community on Mar 28, 2018

Bio Ivan Amat-Roldan holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ICFO- Institute of Photonic Sciences and Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). He combines a large experience from applied science research in US and Europe in important centers like Wellman Center for Photomedicine in Harvard Medical School located at Massachusetts General Hospital, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and Laboratory for Physical Sciences at University of Maryland. He autored more than 50 scientific papers and has more than 1000 citations mostly related to photonics, medicine and signal processing. He also has started several actions as entrepreneur for Medtech and Foodtech by writing seven patents and several industrial secrets and founding different startup companies. He is currently CEO of Ymaging, a high-tech company in Barcelona. COMPANY Ymaging is a company settled in Barcelona that develops and markets products and services with a strong technology component and our latest solution focuses in touchless livestock farming for meat market. The main concerns of our company now is to develop products that allow for sustainable livestock farming, extreme care for animal welfare, boost profitability for farmers and provide means for ensuring high quality of meat.

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