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The ChickenBoy is a robot that identifies possible animal welfare and farm productivity challenges. In particular, the ChickenBoy analyses chicken dropping using artificial intelligence and deep learning. Currently, droppings are classified into "good", "bad" and "really bad" (those with indices of illnesses). The resulting "digestion index" can be used to e.g. optimise the relation between drinking water and feed, but also to measure the impact of feed additives. Further categories are...

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Heiner Lehr

Heiner Lehr

Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain

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Bio We are creating a disruptive, pat. pend. robot that balances animal welfare with farm productivity. After successful field tests in 2016 and 2017, we have released the first units in early 2018; producers of 250m chickens p.a. have signed Letters of Interest. The company has very good growth potential with break-even in 2019 and sales reaching 8m€ by 2020 and 30m€ by 2022, driven by direct sales to EU and distributorships to China, Brazil and US.

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