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    The main target of this project is to provide a holistic approach for valorization of fruit processing by-products primarly citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin), apples, pear, peaches, cherries, grapes, prickly pear etc. using innovative and eco-friendly methods. The objectives of the project are: ●     Low cost and sustainable management of every generated waste flow streams. ●     Use of sustainable processes that are compatible with...

Panagiotis Stavrakakis
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Panagiotis Stavrakakis
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  Marine biological erosion and corrosion are significant economic barriers to the development of competitive aquaculture globally. Therefore the application of economically viable and especially environmentally friendly methods to prevent marine corrosion and erosion and minimise the aquaculture environmental impact is a constant and pressurizing business need worldwide. Addressing cost-effectively this need HealthNet proposes the isolation of anti-corrosion agents from marine organisms...

Panagiotis Stavrakakis
by Panagiotis Stavrakakis
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Panagiotis Stavrakakis

Panagiotis Stavrakakis

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Bio Panagiotis is a passionate entrepreneur, with the strong desire to commercialize and drive innovative scientific solutions. The variety of his challenges and dares experienced during his 30-year long and most enjoyable career journey includes a military and naval profession in Hellenic Navy combined with a transition to research, academia, technology, and entrepreneurship. Panagiotis completed his PhD “Integrated Chemical, Optical & Acoustic Control of Indoor Spaces for Preventing Technological Accidents”, in Chemical Engineering School, National Technical University of Athens, in 2012. Prior, he completed a Masters in “Disaster Medicine and Crisis Management with Specialization in Organization and Management”, National & Kapodistrean University of Athens, in 2010, where he gained a distinction. In 2006, he was honored with a full scholarship from ALBA Graduate Business School in MBA in Shipping, graduating in 2009. In 1985, he joined Hellenic Naval Academy, graduating in 1989 as a Naval Engineer Officer.

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