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  Inalve is an industrial biotechnology startup specialized in the production of microalgae-based innovative products, an underexploited natural and renewable resource. Among hundreds of thousands of species, we selected one specific microalgae for its composition. This species has high protein concentration and an amino acids composition equivalent to the fishmeal. Due to our production process, this microalgae produces specific polysaccharides valuable as health ingredients...

Christophe Vasseur
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Christophe Vasseur

Christophe Vasseur

Nice, France

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Bio Christophe holds his PhD in biological oceanography in 2003 in Canada. As a researcher, he develops numerous R&D program in microalgae biotechnology. He quitq is position at CNRS (France) in 2011 and tales a position as R&D leader of the Culture Management Team at Algenol biofuels (USA, Germany). After 3 years overseas, convinced that innovation is a powerful tool in value creation, he comes back to France to create his own startup. Based on a unique patented and disruptive microalgae production technology he cofounds inalve in April 2016 and develops microalgae-based innovative products for both the nutrition and the health sector of of the feed industry.

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