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Our patented Revolution technology will save time, space, and frustration when feeding animals in a multitude of ways. With separate bins and removable rows of bins, you can pre load your feed type and amount for easy, accurate consumption by your animals.  No more hauling bags to the troughs multiple times a day or mixing up which types of feed you are putting down.   Our patented technology allows you to customize each feeding by opening whichever bins you want on a selected row or...

Rotational Organizer
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Rotational Organizer

Rotational Organizer

Frisco, TX, United States

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Bio Cynosure Solutions (dba Rotational Organizer, Cynosure Farm Solutions, Coffee Revolution, Craft Revolution, Fishing Revolution) is a startup company based in the Dallas, Texas, USA area. We are a group of like minded, motivated individuals that have found solutions to everyday problems and inefficiencies by thinking out of the box. Our patented designs present new ways of looking at age old problems. We have design, engineering, sales, patent, and business experience that aids us in making timely decisions to help us bring our innovations to market. We are always searching for the next application for our ideas and are open to innovation and adaptations to expand our products and our business model.

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