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Farming Insects For Animal Feed. We're partnering with nature that is eco- friendly and sustainable.  We chose this because protein is an essential component in feed, but there are environmental and health concerns about existing sources. Insects provide alternative protein, as well as other nutrients, in a sustainable and natural way. Inseckt protein uses crickets and mealworm larvae in a whole, flaked or ground form.  Insect Production VS. Crop Production:  2X More Protein 200X...

Amaete Umanah
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Amaete Umanah

Amaete Umanah

Uyo, Nigeria

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Bio Amaete Umanah is the founding CEO of Pontaba, Inc., which he started by raising capital through friends and family in 2011 to fix the broken process of making games cross-platform and multiplayer on any web enabled device using HTML5 cutting development time in half and leveraging Pontaba’s amazing analytics, distribution, and monetization partnerships. As the founding CEO of nKanika, he took the classic game of WHOT! that is very popular in Nigeria and created a game on iOS, Android and Facebook. He manage the growth and development of the vast network of partner game developers for Pontaba, as well as manage the business development, overall strategy and product direction. Prior to Pontaba, he worked at Control Engineering, a systems engineering and integration firm where he performed technology business development helping companies achieve goals through automation in the oil and gas, chemical, water, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, utilities, manufacturing and semiconductor industries. Joshua Agbomedarho is passionate about the human-ecosystem relationship - restoring and regenerating our ecosystem using profit as a powerful tool. He is the co-founder and COO of Inseckt that aims to to build a healthier society and a thriving ecosystem through smarter farming. His job is to build deep, trusting customer relationships that deliver value to all parties, and to make it as easy as possible for the product team to deliver. He’s responsible for sales and outreach, business admin, operations, and grower operations.

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