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During our process of developing an innovative and comprehensive bioprocess to produce astaxanthin in Phaffia rhodozyma, we found that our novel high-producer strain could also produce β-glucan at levels much higher than other yeasts. Conscious of this finding, we designed a state-of-the-art formulation to make highly bioavailable both compounds β-glucan and astaxanthin, creating so NatuAX™. Due to its unique health-promoting properties and particularities, we believe that NatuAX™ will boost...

Carlos H. Luna-Flores
by Carlos H. Luna-Flores
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Carlos H. Luna-Flores

Carlos H. Luna-Flores

Brisbane, Australia

Joined this community on Mar 16, 2018

Bio I work in Bioproton Pty Ltd as a Reseach and Development Scientist inside the Fermentation and Microbiology Laboratory. My activities here include Project Leader, Product Development, Bioprocess Design and Development, Strain Improvement, and Scale-Up of fermentative processes. I completed my PhD Higher Research Degree in Chemical and Biological Sciences from the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology – The University of Queensland (UQ). For my PhD project, I collaborated in an international project funded by an ARC linkage project via The Dow Chemical Company to improve the biological production of propionic acid. I have also worked for more than six years inside the Biotech industry. My experience inside the industry includes more than four years for the Biotech Company Boehringer Ingelheim – Animal Health as Biotechnology Engineering, and more than two years for Cryopharma Laboratories as Researcher of Bioreactors. During this experience, I gained skills working with the different fermentation systems at bench and industrial scales. These culture systems were used to produce high-valued pharmaceutical or industrial compounds using either bacteria, mammalian cells, virus, or yeasts. Specific projects of his industrial experience include the optimization of the production of the recombinant proteins using mammalian cells, the optimization and scale-up of the Baculovirus/Insect Cell production systems to produce the virus-like particles, the optimization and scale-up of the production process of a bacteria responsible of the disease ‘Coryza’ in chicken, the optimization of the production of propionic acid, among others.

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