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the growing insect sector is hear to stay feeding humans and farm animals. our company builds insect growing technology incubators and rooms up to a full scale factory for exact insect growing giving the same results batch after batch, allowing far monitoring to plan distribution of franchised farms using the same patented equipment to raise sustainable insect protein and fat. That also means you can log out all important data from different feeding plans or ingredients to ditermin best...

Ziv Dubinsky
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Ziv Dubinsky
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Early sensing with a noninvesiv method of an egg with special machine  learning Analytics  to identify the sex and future performance of a broiler chicken, the key to grow poultry sustainability is by raising male and female in different barns as well as saving on early mortality from weak chicks, reaching uniform broiler flocks will be possible as soon as we can rescue the best performers from a normal distributed embryos population. the new method allows processing of millions of eggs...

Ziv Dubinsky
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Ziv Dubinsky

Ziv Dubinsky

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