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  This is a circular economy Project formulated with the objective to use at the máximum level, vertical integration, as well all the synergies and networking together with the assets and core business of Nutreco on a worldwide basis. The basic idea is to develop a Pilot Projet for Nutreco in Chile and afterwards scale the same business model for Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and everywhere it would be needed, as a solution to intensively produce high quality fish proteins, medicaments...

Mario Miranda Lavarello
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Mario Miranda Lavarello

Mario Miranda Lavarello

Santiago, Chile

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Bio Looking forward in circular economy, a RAS aquaponics with arctic char combined with canabis sativa, spirulina reactor, to feed a laborathory of industrial extraction and packing line, a 1500 ton/year twin extrusion fish feed factory, a culive of kelp in 100 ha of sea area, an alginic acid and agar agar plant, canabis oil for medical purposes, and a kelp flour plant for Trouw Nutrition and Skreting in Chile, all integrated together

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