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The idea of the project is to substitute the use of antibiotics as growth promoters in animals with supplements of β-glucan extracts from Shiitake. This kind of extract conforms to the future European Legislation that restricts the use of antibiotics in animals and will promote competitiveness in the livestock sector in the next ten years. This project aims to explore the use of β-glucan extracts in a preventative way in the diet of animals in their immunodepression curves (births phase,...

Hugo Guillén Fuerte
by Hugo Guillén Fuerte
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Hugo Guillén Fuerte

Hugo Guillén Fuerte

Madrid, Spain

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Bio ACADEMIC TRAINING: PhD in Foods Science and Technology (2008-2015) in Complutense University of Madrid. Doctoral Thesis called "Metabolization and enzymatic inhibition by cytochrome P450 of the beta-carboline alkaloids present in food and plants" all the experimental work was produced in the ICTAN laboratories, belonging Institute to the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council). Bachelor in Chemistry 1999-2004 in Autonoma University of Madrid. OUTSTANDING PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: In Energesa S.L. ( (from September 2012 to December 2014) Functions: · Carry out the Experimental Development Project depending by the Spanish Ministry of Industry called "Extraction of β-glucans from mushrooms" In GLUCANFEED S.L (from December 2014 to the present). Functions: · Optimization of the beta-glucan extraction process. · Obtaining liquid and solid extracts enriched in beta-glucans and in lentinan from fungal matrices. · Search of practical applications of extracts obtained for Livestock, Food and Nutraceutical as substitute immunopotentiating agents of antibiotics.

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