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Mireille van Empel

Den Bosch, Netherlands

Joined this community on Jan 31, 2018

Bio I joined Trouw Nutrition in January 2016. During my European master in animal science I specialized in Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding. My first introduction with Trouw Nutirtion was via my final thesis study with R&D. As a result of my internship at the FAO I published an article about precision feeding in different dairy cattle production systems. Currently I work as an application specialist in the Global Marketing Ruminant team. I support the implementation of the global ruminant portfolio including activities such as content creation for technical support (e.g technical presentations, videos and reports), coordination of internal and external (R&D)projects and support of R&D field studies. I build a field of expertise in calf rearing, cow nutrition and cow production challenges. In my spare time I like to run, bike, play tennis and do horse-riding,

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