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automatic patented incubators for precision insect growing with food safety and IOT control

the growing insect sector is hear to stay feeding humans and farm animals. our company builds insect growing technology incubators and rooms up to a full scale factory for exact insect growing giving the same results batch after batch, allowing far monitoring to plan distribution of franchised farms using the same patented equipment to raise sustainable insect protein and fat. That also means you can log out all important data from different feeding plans or ingredients to ditermin best efficient feed convertion retes,  incubators are used by Ikea in the innovation hanger 10 to grow insects for human consumption in controlled clean and IOT environment. we have also cooperation with insect growing companies in Asia and the Netherlands ( our clients and cooperation in insects : and lab innovations, diptera, flying spark) our idea is to bring the industry to a trash-howl in wich farmers can rent insect incubators and work for nutreco as subcontractors with far monitoring with the IOT technology and patented incubators we build. allowing Nutreco to know in advance the amount of larve and insects going trough production at any moment - planing ahead distribution. 


Describe the problem your company wishes to solve and how your product or service will solve it

The requirement for efficient insect mass rearing technology has been one of the major obstacles preventing the large scale application of the insect industry.

In order to make the rearing process more cost-efficient, and feed addition more controllable, Metabolic Robots patented an automated feeding system for the insect industry. one with no waist from feeding.

The auto feeder for mass rearing which inject the feed mixture, including a automated measuring system to adjust the position and volume regarding flock migration sensors, the feeding station easily moves and positioned itself in the exact point to continue the feeding process efficiently feed is distributed according to actual demand with no waist to the process.

The solution:

Metabolic Robots is the company that has revolutionized the poultry industry by introducing the world 1st feed computer for poultry sustainable growing, is now producing the next product to answer the need for an Automatic insect grow and collect mass platform, after building growing platforms for clients and applying for patents the IP was granted. Those are the specs of the new patented method to sustainable grow one of the future foods as well as a major organic or water waist solution.

An automatic Insect growing, feeding & delivery system comprising:

  • housing Incubator in varies size\room\ barn installed with a feed supply infrastructure to convey feed from a central feed supply to a plurality of feed outlet points; (X.Y. feed printing patterns) and environmental support systems.

  • a feed volume and feed delivery frequency actuating device for controlling the feed volume and location of dispensing the feed,

  • sensors to monitor livestock growing rate, crowding arias, waist parameters, climate ect..

  • a Cloud controller for controlling said actuating device based on data obtained and processed with a local data processing module and wherein said data is communicated to said controller with a communication module.

The system has data processing module under the IP, it obtains and processes data including one or more of livestock\insect data, feed data, environmental data, market data, insect physical data, flock behavioral data, housing data, eating frequency, livestock metabolic data, and any combination thereof.

The system further comprising a feedback monitor for determining the amount of feed eaten on a historical basis to control welfare parameters in regard to feeding patterns.

The system further comprising an environmental sensor for providing information on the environment for the livestock in communication with said feedback monitor, wherein any changes in said environment are correlated with the amount of feed eaten on a historical or actual basis to determine whether said change increases or decreases the amount of food eaten. (patented machine learning processes).

The system wherein said data processing module receives one or more of feeding parameters, animal\insect\flock\group behavior parameters or both according to a predetermined goal, and wherein said data processing module further determines an amount, location and timing of feed to provide according to said predetermined goal. All in regard of obtaining the lowest waist and the highest growth under max animal welfare conditions. Wherein said predetermined goal is selected from the group consisting of reaching a predetermined maximum weight, reaching a predetermined minimum weight within a predetermined period of time, or maximizing welfare of the livestock, or any pre planned goals.

The system wherein said environmental sensor comprises temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, gas sensor and any other needed.

The system further comprising a connection to a lighting system or strobe light or special color or scope lights frequency or wave, wherein said data processor sends a command to said lighting system so as to determine when to turn on and off according to needs or to harvest plan.

The system further comprising a device for producing a sound upon delivery of feed by said feed supply infrastructure to induce livestock movement.


The claims of the granted patent describe the method of work to get to the efficiency level the robot achieves by: obtaining data selected from livestock data, environmental data, livestock housing data, grower data, marketing data, environmental data, weather data, feed data, livestock growth data or any combination thereof.

1) Integrating and analyzing said obtained data to determine optimal growing conditions according to said available data; then

2) Adjusting controllable conditions associated with said automatic feeding system according to feeding frequency, meal size, and livestock location, to optimize feed efficiency, livestock metabolism and livestock distribution about the feed supply infrastructure within livestock housing.

Repeating the above process until a predetermined goal is reached.

The method further comprising adjusting said automatic feeding system according to livestock housing environmental conditions. And reaching a feed conversion ratio (‘FCR’) and feed conversion efficiency (‘FCE’).

The remaining materials from the production are used as fertilizers for AG and the cycle is 100% green and uses organic waist as raw materials as well as sun power for the needed electric power. The gas produced during the growing stage is collected to be reused in plants growing. All systems are fully I.O.T and manage growing and collecting fully automatically. Our new farmer has a white coat and clean work space even in space. 

Describe other business assistance that you are seeking from Nutreco

we are looking to have a trail with Nutreco using our auto incubators as a benchmark for its insect production. after finding out the exact amount each batch will produce with the use of the serial incubators - planing of meaningful full scale production can be made possible with franchising of the technology to interested farmers. the incubators need no infrastructure and can be deployed in any farm. 

Are you available to participate in the final event in the Netherlands 28, 29, and 30 May? All expenses will be covered by Nutreco


Describe how the prize - a validation trial in our facilities - could boost the development of your business

Nutreco is feeding the world, insects are the next big feed for animals and production should be precise and exact each time with each contractor farmer. after realizing our patented insect growing rooms are the future of the industry Nutreco can have exclusive distribution of the hives

If you already have a website for your business, please share the URL


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