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Mobile food safety lab in your pocket. 

Describe the problem your company wishes to solve and how your product or service will solve it

According to FAO mycotoxin contaminate over 25% of the global food supply, leading to annual losses of around 1.0 billion tons of food and food products.

Contaminated foods can cause seriously harm humans and animals, especially children. Toxins are the most common type of contaminations and affect several agricultural commodities as, for example, corn, wheat and peanuts.

Today, analyses are done either in the field or in the laboratory: the former can be performed by non qualified personnel but only provide qualitative results (i.e. Yes/No) while the latter are quantitative (i.e. exact amount of toxins), require skilled technicians and have a turnaround of about 7 days.

BIOsens is revolutionizing the way those measurements are taking place: our biosensor can be used directly in the field by untrained personnel and provides quantitative results within a few minutes eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming laboratory analyses. Furthermore, data can be saved in the cloud and used to monitor crop quality over time and/or lot. This allows the operator (e.g. farmer, miller) to make critical business decisions on the spot.

As of today, the team has completed a first prototype and is now focusing on developing sample preparation kit and validation.

So, we will help up with feed-to-farm efficiency by applying rapid mycotoxin test in field conditions to control feed quality.


Describe other business assistance that you are seeking from Nutreco

These are the current needs that we have to take some next steps with BIOsens:
- We need to finish building our prototype for mycotoxin detection;
- We need to conduct a Pilot Test of the product in an environment that can also provide us with useful feedback;
- We need additional capital to advance the first two points.


Are you available to participate in the final event in the Netherlands 28, 29, and 30 May? All expenses will be covered by Nutreco


Describe how the prize - a validation trial in our facilities - could boost the development of your business

An application of our technology to a real farm environment could help us to speed up development and gaining market access with our biosensor solution.

If you already have a website for your business, please share the URL

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teresa debesa 3 weeks ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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teresa debesa 3 weeks ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Khalil Safaei 2 weeks ago

I'm interested in you biosensor!

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Andrii Karpiuk 2 weeks ago

Hello Mr. Khalil, you can book a demo on our website & we will contact with you. Best regards, Andrii Karpiuk

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Khalil Safaei 2 weeks ago

Dear Andrii, Thanks for your reply. We can talk about it later. Best regards, Khalil

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teresa debesa 2 weeks ago

Status label added: Full business case submitted

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Mario Miranda Lavarello 1 week ago

Good attitide Biosens team !!, this is the correct approach in my opinion...using as much possible the new digital technologies,iot sensors and controlling everything from the cluod...last but not least, if the cost and management to control micotoxins is reduced with your development, hats off !! all savings are welcome !! good project

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