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GrainSense has developed the world’s first truly hand-held device for grain quality measurement. The GrainSense hand-held device measures the protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrate content of cereals and other crops – i.e. key determinants of the harvest value and processing cost. The device is battery powered, requires only a few grains and takes just seconds to make each measurement. The service includes a mobile application with GPS positioning and cloud connection, which supports a suite of value-added services for improving productivity and profitability.

For the first time, farmers, seed producers and plant breeders will be able to rapidly measure the key parameters of their crops in the field (even before harvesting) and make decisions that can significantly improve their productivity and profitability. The device will also enable meat producers to control and adjust the protein content of feed in real time, which can have a major impact on profitability.

GrainSense helps farmers to get answers to many questions that directly affect the quality, cost and pricing of their produce:

  • Which fields have higher protein levels? When and where should we start harvesting in order to attain the highest quality?
  • How should I store the crop in different silos in order to avoid spoiling the best quality grain with a lower quality batch?
  • What is the price I am getting from my crop? Am I getting the right price? Where should I sell my harvest?
  • How much protein am I feeding to my animals in order to maximize the growth and income? Am I paying the right price for the feed?

Describe the problem your company wishes to solve and how your product or service will solve it

In Europe, farmers grow more than 300 million tonnes of grain cereals (mostly wheat and barley) annually, valued at more than €40 billion. In the grain cereals business, the quality of the produce, particularly the protein content, is of paramount importance because it determines for which applications the harvest can be used.

However, farmers currently lack the possibility to measure the protein content of the grain due to lack of convenient tools that could be used on the farm level. As a result:

  • European farmers lose at least €4-6 billion of revenues annually.
  • Valuable protein resource is lost (due to inefficient allocation of the protein resource across the food supply chain), equal to the annual protein intake of 10-20 million people.

The unique features of GrainSense are:

  • It is the first grain quality measurement tool that can be conveniently used in the field conditions (at least 5 times smaller and battery-powered).
  • It is the only solution that provides actionable insights instead of plain data.
  • It is 3-10 times less expensive than closest alternatives (GrainSense device costs €3 900).


Animal farmers make their own feed mixes to achieve optimal protein content required for maximising the selling price of the meat. Usually, the grain is mixed with expensive soya-based components in order to reach higher protein levels.

An animal farmer breeds 1 000 pigs who consume 680 tons of feed per year. 90% of this is grain and 10% are expensive soya-based components, which cost 3 times more than the grain (e.g. barley), €400/ton. At the moment of grain purchase, the farmer uses GrainSense to measure the protein content of the grain, and buys grain that has optimal protein content for his feed. As a result, he is able to reduce the soya content from 10% to 6%, saving €7 253 (6.7%) annually.

Describe other business assistance that you are seeking from Nutreco

Currently we are focusing on measuring the quality of grain (wheet, barly, oats, rye and rapeseed). We have got many requests on measuring silage and feedmixes for animal feed. As well dairy production and the control of high moisture content silage is of great importance. In co-operation with Nutreco we could develop new applications and calibrations for the animal feed purposes.

Are you available to participate in the final event in the Netherlands 28, 29, and 30 May? All expenses will be covered by Nutreco


Describe how the prize - a validation trial in our facilities - could boost the development of your business

Being boosted by one of the leading companies in the industry with a validation trial would certainly give us a giant leap in developing applications for the feed sector. Networks, contacts to various interest groups and visibility would help us in our business efforts building up a global business.

If you already have a website for your business, please share the URL

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teresa debesa 3 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Ainhoa Perojo Gutiérrez 3 months ago

Hi Edvard,
I have seen different mobile scanners in the market claiming similar applications. What is your positioning versus these companies? What is your main differentiation point?
I have seen your leaflet but it is difficult to see it

Thanks for the feedback

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teresa debesa 3 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Khalil Safaei 3 months ago

A great device!

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