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Technology line for recycling green waste into protein feeds by fly maggots

The idea is in simple single technology line, that will help to convert organic waste of agriculture (green waste, produciton waste, preconsumed waste) into protein feed additives and fertilizers by fly maggots.

The technology line can be installed inside any farm near the source of waste and will not require much time or investments to work.

Maggots (in eggs) are place on waste and grow for 2-3 weeks than they are separated from recycled waste and dried. Dried maggots are used as a source of protein in feeds and replace fishmeal, soymeal and other proteins.

Placing the line at the farm near the waste allows to get proteins at production cost that is lower than market price on traditional proteins.

Describe the problem your company wishes to solve and how your product or service will solve it

Waste disposal, waste utilization

Narrowing the deficit of protein components

Replacing not sustainable protein (fishmeal, soymeal) by sustainable and renewable

Describe other business assistance that you are seeking from Nutreco

Introducing new feeds, new components of feeds

Introducing the technology of producing protein components where they are needed

Are you available to participate in the final event in the Netherlands 28, 29, and 30 May? All expenses will be covered by Nutreco


Describe how the prize - a validation trial in our facilities - could boost the development of your business

Allside test of technology and feeds, testing the efficiency of feeds, determining reght costs and Nutreco recomendation

If you already have a website for your business, please share the URL

teresa debesa 4 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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Ziv Dubinsky 4 months ago

Hello, we build patented incubators and rooms to grow insects using IOT and control feeding and waist. Have you done any actual trail? May be the growing time can be much shorter and quality of insect shift with the source of feed. You need to have an exact protein product every batch, so how will you do it with different feed level's

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Khalil Safaei 4 months ago

I voted your idea

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Khalil Safaei 4 months ago

Nice idea!

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