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Feed Revolution

Our patented Revolution technology will save time, space, and frustration when feeding animals in a multitude of ways.

With separate bins and removable rows of bins, you can pre load your feed type and amount for easy, accurate consumption by your animals.  No more hauling bags to the troughs multiple times a day or mixing up which types of feed you are putting down.  

Our patented technology allows you to customize each feeding by opening whichever bins you want on a selected row or preloading each row for a separate feeding time.  When one row is depleted, you simply rotate the machine and your next row is ready to go.  

Not only is your food organized and metered correctly, you only have to fill the machine once per day and the rest is simply a rotation to provide the next feeding.  If you wish, you can remove and replenish each row at a time, each bin at a time, or you can choose to replenish the entire machine at one stop.  


Describe the problem your company wishes to solve and how your product or service will solve it

Our Feed Revolution unit solves the inefficiencies of single trough feeding, feed replenishment, and single feed type issues.  It does this through the infinite user defined configurations of bins, rows of bins, and whole units filled with feed.  

The end user can make it work for whatever they have in mind by filling the bins with their feed, their custom amount, and then allowing only the desired bins or rows of bins to be exposed to the animals for consumption.  

The Feed Revolution provides further flexibility as it can be a free standing unit, mounted to posts, a truck, or even hung upside down.  It functions the same regardless of how it is mounted.  It can also be moved (when unloaded) to suit changing needs on the farm or feedlot.  

It is fully scalable so it can be used for feeding large cattle to infant chickens.  The possibilities are limitless.  

Describe other business assistance that you are seeking from Nutreco

We are seeking fundraising assistance, launch assistance, social media outreach assistance, and manufacturing assistance from an agricultural/farm base of companies.  

Are you available to participate in the final event in the Netherlands 28, 29, and 30 May? All expenses will be covered by Nutreco


Describe how the prize - a validation trial in our facilities - could boost the development of your business

Our Revolution technology has many applications to everyday life.  Each application takes time, capital, and initial interest to get off the ground.  A validation for our Farm Revolution would allow us to penetrate this segment and jumpstart our Farm/Agriculture visions for our company.  

If you already have a website for your business, please share the URL


teresa debesa 4 months ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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AIGR 4 months ago

Interesting system to be applied in laying hens for some of our nutritional concepts

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Khalil Safaei 4 months ago

Good luck!

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Jazmaine 4 weeks ago

Feed revolution is something that I completely support. I know that some of the website that does essays for you people are not on board with this, but I don't care about them or their schemes. They are wrong in this venture, in my honest opinion.

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