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Essential fatty acids the healthy revolution

The early stages of marine fish present a great problem in biosynthesizing essential fatty acids due to their evolution where they are inserted (marine environment) where they lack the essentiality of being able to biosynthesize long chain fatty acids such as EPA and DHA from chain precursors shorter as linolenic acid.

That is why it is of vital importance that these HUFA acids are incorporated into the diet so that they can favor their immune response (Mourente et al., 2007) and obtain greater growths.

Currently the changes of high energy diets or high percentage of oils favored the imbalance of Ω3 / Ω6, as well as the balances that are even more important between DHA / EPA and EPA / ARA, this being increasingly smaller, that causes problems of nutritional pathologies, lack of appetite, stops growing and finally dies (Das, 2006).


Describe the problem your company wishes to solve and how your product or service will solve it

The main problem is the change is made with high percentages of substitutions for vegetable oil and that of course has a great consideration to reduce fisheries worldwide, but the controversy is that this causes problems in the cells of the animal, modifying the composition of fatty acid of cellular phospholipids and tissue (Bell, Dick and Sargent, 1993), not being as effective against a pathology to face

All this is solved knowing the true requirements of essential fatty acids and even more achieving the greater substitution with vegetable oil to reduce costs in excess of high value ingredients.

Describe other business assistance that you are seeking from Nutreco

Personal consultant and online nutrition researcher in requirements of essential fatty acids in early stages of marine fish.

Are you available to participate in the final event in the Netherlands 28, 29, and 30 May? All expenses will be covered by Nutreco


Describe how the prize - a validation trial in our facilities - could boost the development of your business

The award could support the research of these studies as well as biochemical, molecular studies, as well as the facilities and viatics.

If you already have a website for your business, please share the URL

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edited on 13th March 2018, 14:03 by MARCO VALDES CASTRO

teresa debesa 4 days ago

The idea has been progressed to the next milestone.

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teresa debesa 4 days ago

Gracias por participar Marco! ¿Podrías traducir también el título de tu idea? Probablemente conseguirías más votos!

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Chris van Bussel 2 days ago

Hi Marco. Thanks for your contribution. I agree that more knowledge on nutrient requirement of marine fish larvae is essential. Especially the ratios of different essential fatty acids. That is why after a lot of nutrient requirement studies for example Skretting GEMMA Micro or GEMMA diamond is formulated with a high percentage of soluble hydrolysed marine proteins, HUFAs, phospholipids and microalgae. I am sorry if I missed your idea, but what exactly is your innovative product/idea? Regards Chris

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