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Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge 2018

Challenge Themes

Do you have a promising solution that has the potential to be the breakthrough innovation in Feeding the Future – that CANNOT wait until 2050? - We eagerly await your challenge entry in the following categories: 

Nutrition against Antimicrobial Resistance 

Antibiotic use in food production has grown profusely and will rise further at an alarming rate if business as usual is continued. According to the WHO since 2014, 1 million people have died worldwide due to antibiotic resistance; by 2050 it may be the leading death cause. 

Because of the concerns, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) tops the global political agenda, up to the highest levels. WHO, OIE and FAO have expressed their worries, stating that “AMR has reached crisis proportions”. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently said that “antimicrobial resistance is a fundamental, long-term threat to human health, sustainable food production and development”.

 Nutreco aims to reverse the trend of further increasing use of antibiotics in livestock farming by developing alternative solutions in the area of feed, farm and health management. 

How can you contribute to the fight against AMR?   

  • Feed ingredients and additives strengthening the immune system to help livestock and fish grow in a healthy way, while strengthening their resistance to health threats.
  • Rapid diagnostic methods and tools to improve health management at farm level and to detect pathogens and toxins in feed and in livestock fish and shrimp.
  • Nutritional strategies and feeding practices that result in better livestock, fish and shrimp health, and thereby reduce the need of antibiotics. 

Feed-to-Farm Efficiency 

In the coming decades, the world will need to produce as much as 70% more food to feed a growing world population. Currently already using the equivalent of 1.5 planets to support our way of life, so we need to find new solutions to produce more food with less resources. 

Despite significant efficiency gains that have been realised in the past four decades, the productivity of livestock, fish and shrimp is still below its potential. On a global level, by as much as 30 to 40 percent. 

How can you improve Feed-to-Farm Efficiency?  

Alternative feed ingredients and additives that reduce dependency on scarce raw materials.

Precision feeding tools that help farmers offering tailored care to their livestock, fish and shrimp. Example are solutions that enable continuous monitoring of animal welfare, health, environment, feed quality and production.

Rapid diagnostic methods and tools to improve measuring feed conversion.

Young animal nutrition 

Nutrition and housing conditions have a huge influence on the development of young animals. Increasing empirical evidence shows that these influences have a lifelong and far-reaching impact on the performance and health of the adult animal as well. 

As the industry leader in young animal nutrition, Nutreco is researching the precise mode of action of nutrition in the early stages of life. What exactly are the nutrients and that boost life and health of young livestock, fish and shrimp? 

How can you improve young animal nutrition?  

  • Insights in specific nutrients such as micro and macro ingredients that improve the digestibility of raw materials by young animals.
  • Solutions that help better understand the pathways that are modified by nutrition early in life and that can impact later life in productivity (epigenetics).
  • Gut maturity: putting into practice the latest scientific insights about gut health as a decisive factor in growth and future life.