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Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.       What is the Nutreco FeedT ech Challenge?

The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is a new initiative by Nutreco to kick-start breakthrough solutions around the question ‘What is your breakthrough innovation – that CANNOT wait?’. The challenge is part of Nutreco’s continuous quest for innovation in animal nutrition and aqua feed to help realise sustainable food production for a growing world population. The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge offers a ‘greenhouse & pressure cooker’ environment aimed at identifying, nurturing and enriching high potential concepts in pilot or proof-of-concept phases. The winner receives a unique prize in the form of a scientific on-farm validation trial in one of Nutreco’s research farms.

  1. 2.       How can I participate?

Everyone who is triggered by the challenge question and thinks they have a real breakthrough product or service at hand, is welcome to visit the platform and join the open innovation. Please go to the online platform Just register and start participating. We do however limit the challenge to three challenge themes: Nutrition Against Antimicrobial Resistance, Feed-to-Farm Efficiency and Young Animal Nutrition. You can find more information on these themes on the online platform.

Over a competition period of two months, contestants can participate on the online platform where entries are open for comments, discussions and contributions from others. This provides a unique opportunity to connect with other start-ups, industry experts, scientists, and ultimately with farmers and the rest of the world.

  1. 3.       Can I participate without an idea?

Yes, you can. An important element to the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is enrichment and feedback. If you have an interest and expertise in this area, you are more than welcome to participate by enriching the ideas that are submitted to the platform.

  1. 4.       Until when can I submit my ideas?

You can submit your ideas from 9 February until 2 April 2018 23:59 CET. An expert jury will then select ten finalists.

  1. 5.       How does the process look like?

The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is set up in such a way, that every contestant is a winner.

In the first phase from 9 February until 2 April 2018 23:59 CET, participants can submit their ideas. Entries receive valuable feedback and enrichment from industry experts and scientists. Best ideas will be invited to submit a business case. This part of the challenge is only open and visisble to the start-up and the challenge team.

At this event, an esteemed jury will select the top 3 that will pitch at F&A next, where the winner will be announced.

The winner gets a unique prize : a scientific on-farm validation trial, including extensive validation report. This is the ultimate test of your innovation and will belong to you.

The 10 finalists will get free tickets to  F&A next  30 -31 May in the Netherlands

  1. 6.       How does Nutreco protect the intellectual property of those who submit ideas?

The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is an open innovation platform, that is why you should not submit any confidential information. If you cannot submit your solution without disclosing confidential information, please contact me separately.

We will not ask you at any time to waive any rights you may have in relation to the submission, any IP rights and responsibilities will remain with you/ the inventor.

Please read the terms & conditions (specifically 17, 18, 19) before submitting your solution, they are also available at the Home page

  1. 7.       What if I have a concept that doesn’t fit into one of the three themes?

The challenge is centred around the question ‘What is your breakthrough innovation – that CANNOT wait?’, the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge hopes to inspire start-ups with breakthrough innovations in the following three areas:

  • nutrition against antimicrobial resistance
  • feed-to-farm efficiency
  • young animal nutrition 

One of the conditions to pass to the next round is that it fits in one of these three areas. If your idea doesn’t fit into one of these themes, you will not pass to the second round. However, you can still post your idea on the platform, so that you can enjoy the enrichments by experts in the field.

  1. 8.       Are Nutreco employees allowed to participate in this Challenge?

They are allowed to participate on the platform and to submit ideas. However, they won’t pass to the second round and thus cannot win.

  1. 9.       Will Nutreco invest in my concept?

The winner receives a scientific on-farm validation trial in one of Nutreco´s research farms, including a validation report. This is a high-value and rare opportunity and that is what this Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge differentiates from most other start-up competitions.

Nutreco will not automatically invest in the concept. However, if we think your concept is interesting for us, we won’t hesitate to contact you.

  1. 10.   Who will judge my concept?

A challenge team, consisting of internal experts, are active on the platform and will comment, discuss and contribute to the different entries. Based on all entries, the team will select the 10 participants/proposals which will be invited to the 2-days selection event on 28 and 29 May  2018.

The ten finalists will receive further feedback and training in pressure cooker sessions during the two-day Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge Event on 28 and 29 May  2018 in The Netherlands. The final winner will be selected by an international jury chaired by Prof. Dr. Ir. Daniel Berckmans of KU Leuven. He is an expert in animal and human health engineering, and one of the pioneers of precision livestock farming.

The other members of the jury are:


  •  Adam Anders; managing partner at Anterra Capital, a specialist venture capital investor operating in the food & agricultural sectors.
  • Dr. Jason Clay; senior vice president market transformation at WWF and the author of 15 books, more than 300 articles and 700 invited presentations.
  • Prof. Dr. Johan Verreth; professor at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), where he leads the aquaculture and fisheries group within the WUR. He has a particular interest in the ecological sustainability of fish farming.
  • Viggo Halseth; Chief Innovation Officer at Nutreco.


  1. 11.   I have a question about the challenge, who can I contact?

Please contact us at if you want to know more about the challenge.