Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge 2018

Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge 2018


Nutreco invites promising start-ups to take part in the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge. Submit your solution and seize the opportunity to connect with industry experts, scientists and other start-ups. 

3 themes: nutrition against antibiotic resistance, feed-to-farm efficiency and young animal nutrition.

Are you in?

If you have an innovation that covers one of the themes, please submit your idea and get access to the more extensive information on this platform.

The winner receives a unique prize in the form of a scientific on-farm validation trial in one of the Nutreco’s research farms.

Don't hesitate.
Do it.

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Status Labels

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  1. Hamed Beheshti
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  2. Sean Warner
    53 pts
  3. Chris van Bussel
    17 pts
  4. Saravanan Subramanian
    12 pts
  5. Gavin Boerboom
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At Grubbly Farms we recycle food waste by feeding it to fly larvae. As the larvae eat through the food waste, they convert it into a quality fertilizer. Once mature, we sift the larvae from the fertilizer and dehydrate the larvae. The dried larvae can then be processed into fats and proteins that are used in the manufacturing of animal feed. 

Sean Warner
by Sean Warner
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Sean Warner
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Fish farms in general, and their hatcheries in particular, are so sensitive to the quality of water supplied. A solar desalination system can deliver the high quality water needed for the hatcheries, and drastically reduce the cost of operation and maintenance for the farmers. The idea is supporting fish farms in off-grid communities where water quality is not suitable for their hatcheries. Then, a tailored designed solar water desalination system can deliver both the secured quality water...

Hamed Beheshti
by Hamed Beheshti
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Hamed Beheshti
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