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Now what? The business case

Posted by teresa debesa (Admin) 4 months ago

Once you gather 20 votes, you will be asked to submit a business case to

This document (and your application) will be evaluated by the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge team and the jury to select the 10 finalists that will be invited to the Netherlands for the final event.

Use any format you prefer but make sure you cover most of this questions (also attached in pdf) and that you submit the document before 7th April 00:00 GMT.

Good luck!

  1. Describe the problem your company wishes to solve.
  2. Describe how your products or services will solve the problem
  3. Describe your market. Who are the customers and how big is the market.
  4. Describe your value proposition. Why would customers buy your solution?
  5. Describe the business model. How will the business generate money?
  6. Describe the Competition and Risks.
  7. Describe the Investment and Return. How much does the business need, how will the money be used, when will it be paid back and what will be the return?
  8. Financial summary, what are the key financials?
  9. The management team, who is in the team and what are your strengths.
  10. What are the next critical steps?
  11. Stage of your company. Funding already raised and needed
  12. Accelerators, incubators and other competitions or awards

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