Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge 2018



Last call to participate!

Posted by teresa debesa (Admin) 4 months ago

You have less than a week to submit your innovation in Feed Tech and have a chance to win a validation trial in Nutreco’s R&D farms and a full validation report! 

...and...every contestant is a winner...check the experience of MicroSynBiotix and Fodjan 

The Challenge is a unique opportunity to connect with other start-ups, industry experts and scientists, and ultimately with farmers and the rest of the world. 

The 10 best ideas will be invited to our headquarters in the Netherlands, where they will receive further feedback and training in pressure cooker sessions during the two-day event.

...and the top 3 will pitch at F&A Next , the event -to-be for start-ups seeking funding!

Do not hesitate!

Do it!!

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