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Let's look back at the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge 2017!

Posted by teresa debesa (Admin) 6 months ago

The first edition of the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge was launched in November 2016 with the goal of connecting start-ups, industry experts and scientists in an attempt to support innovation related to nutrition tackling antibiotic resistance, feed-to-farm efficiency or early animal diets. 

44 start-ups submitted their solutions to Nutreco's open innovation platform. The 10 most promising solutions were invited to the final event in the Netherlands. Have a look to the after movie in our Vimeo channel


The final event offered a dynamic ‘greenhouse & pressure cooker’ environment with workshops and interaction with the jury. The objective  was to further nurture and enrich these high potential concepts. The participants were trained in IP, storytelling and business modelling.

MicroSynbiotiX won 2017 edition of the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge. According to the jury report, the innovation of MicroSynbiotiX had the best fit with the challenge profile: a real game changer with high potential, operating in an area where few other companies are active. MicroSynbiotiX is developing a cost-effective delivery platform for oral vaccines to combat diseases and infections in aquaculture, through a novel method of locking the vaccine in genetically modified microalgae. Their product is currently been tested in our R&D facilities. In addition, we have research collaborations and partnerships with 4 other finalists. 


What is your breakthrough innovation – that CANNOT wait?

Join the challenge! 

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